Sunday, March 13, 2011

My testimony

We had a wonderful stake conference this weekend, and a lot of the things the stake president and his counselors had to say really hit home for me. This was the first time I had heard the stake president speak since we've lived in Murray, and he is AWESOME. You can tell how much he loves the members of the stake, and he makes you want to be a more dedicated member of the church.

One of the things President Daw talked about was missionary work, especially about doing home teaching and focusing on the less-active members of our stake. In our own ward, our bishopric and ward missionaries have asked us to make a profile for missionary work.

Unfortunately, I can no longer log into with my username and password, and I have no idea why. Andrew has banned me from attempting to log in for the time being because I end up REALLY angry and change my password again in the hope that I can finally log in. I am not sure what's going on.

So, until I can log in and create my profile, I've decided to post my testimony here. I know that many of you are members of the Church and many of you have strengthened my testimony, but allow me to bear my testimony here and feel better about not being able to do it on a world website. :)

First, I know that we have a Heavenly Father and a Savior, Jesus Christ, and that They live and are aware of our needs. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and has a plan for each of us, and I know that the Savior atoned for our sins, died for us and lives again today. He has experienced all of our pain and sorrows, so He understands our suffering and can truly comfort us whenever we turn to Him.

I know that temples are houses of God, and that He dwells there. I know that doing work for the dead in the temples brings us closer to Him and is part of His plan to bring all of His children back to live with Him. I know that The Book of Mormon is a true book, and that it was translated by the first prophet of the restored church, Joseph Smith. It was written by ancient prophets, but it was intended for us, the people of the latter days.

I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and I know that he, and all of the other prophets of this dispensation, receive revelation from Heavenly Father about how to direct the Church.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sabbath day! I certainly am.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I very much enjoyed reading your testimony!


Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts! I love reading them.