Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beyond the sea

We spent today with this adorable little girl, Isabel. It's hard to believe she just turned two, but she did! We celebrated by spending a few hours with her, her brother Franklin and a bunch of our nieces and nephews at The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. It was a lot of fun seeing the penguins and petting the flapping stingrays. Sometimes it's fun to hang out with kids and pretend you're young again.

We also went out to dinner with our friends Anthony and Brittany and bought new fish to replace the Tetras we lost during the past few weeks. We have gotten better at keeping them happy, but it isn't rare for us to find another dead fish when we get home. :(

I have also realized that I haven't posted pictures of Andrew and I, at least recent ones, for a long time. We need to be better at taking pictures of ourselves, but it is inevitable that I will have a huge zit on my face (like I do today) or we just won't feel like trying to take a backwards picture of ourselves. Oh, well! Hopefully pictures of us will be forthcoming.

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