Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmastime is here

Andrew and I had a busy week. We went to Forgotten Carols on Thursday, which was great. Ever since I performed in the production in Idaho Falls my senior year of high school, I've loved hearing the music. My favorites are "Homeless," "Mary Let Me Hold Her Baby" and "Three Kings Found the Lord." It's a beautiful story if you haven't heard or seen it. I recommend it. :)

On Friday, we went to Andrew's work party at the Sheraton! I got all dolled up (sorry, no pictures yet) and surprised Andrew in a dress I borrowed from a friend. It was fun to get dressed up at home while I was waiting for my honey to get home from work. It was almost like I got the prom experience I never had -- except this time I was with the man who loves me dearly and I love him back.

We went to Andrew's branch party on Saturday and sang Christmas carols to residents of a nursing home and spent a few hours shopping and getting ideas for Christmas presents for each other. I still need some more ideas for my man for Christmas. :)

We also had a wonderful Sunday that I'll explain more tomorrow. I am so grateful for the Christmas season!

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