Monday, September 27, 2010

Four states in four days

After a long work week, Andrew and I got away from the big city and drove up to Idaho Thursday night for an extended weekend! We started off with a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, stopping along the way in Driggs, Idaho, for a cute little farmer's market. I got a new fur-lined hoodie that I have become obsessed with, and Andrew and I ate yummy Mexican at the Merry Piglets.

Next, we drove over to Grand Teton National Park to go to my very favorite lake, Jenny Lake. It was the perfect day -- sunny, warm and peaceful. The Tetons were really pretty, too, and it was Andrew's first trip to Jackson in quite awhile. We finished off the day with a visit to his sister's house in Rexburg.

The next morning, sort of bright and early, we packed my parents' Home Alone van with camping stuff and a cooler full of food to go to YELLOWSTONE! Of course, my dad had to show us the south entrance of the park, so we spent about an hour and a half on a bumpy gravel/dirt/boulder road in the blue van. We finally made it to the park entrance and drove through, stopping at plenty of spots along the way. It was the perfect time to see animals! We saw a grizzly bear and two cubs, two black bears, TONS of elk, a few deer, some antelope and a bunch of bison.

Once we'd seen as much of the park as we could cram into one day, my dad drove us into Paradise Valley, Montana, where we spent the night at the nicest KOA I have ever seen! Our cabin was right next to the Yellowstone River, and the campground had an indoor swimming pool, playground and even outdoor exercise equipment (which I should have used to work off all the candy I ate along the way).

We finished our trip the next morning with brunch at Chico Hot Springs and a stop at Howard Springs in Island Park, Idaho, for fresh spring water. Then Andrew drove us back to Utah to begin another week.

It was a wonderful, peaceful weekend, and it was fun to be with my sweetheart in places that have always been dear to me. We always have fun together, even if we're in a tiny cabin in Livingston, Montana.


  1. So fun! I've hiked around Jenny Lake a couple of times. (How could I not?) I love the Jackson area.

  2. Where's the "like" button? Consider it pushed.

  3. It was fun to have you visit. The girls LOVE surprises! They are excited to see everyone next week too.


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