Monday, April 12, 2010


This past weekend was one of the hardest I've had in seven years since my chemotherapy treatments -- and, unfortunately, it's not over yet.

I've been trying to treat a sore throat since Wednesday, and on Friday, it took a turn for the worst. I could barely swallow anything, my head ached and I was completely exhausted.

And instead of staying away so he didn't get sick and having a well-deserved night off with the Wii, Andrew came over to make me soup and take care of me and make sure I was actually eating something. When I got worse on Saturday, he and his dad gave me a priesthood blessing and then he made me some more soup and stayed with me to watch Mr. Mom before tucking me in and filling up my humidifier again.

On Sunday, I realized even more how much I love Andrew. He came over on Sunday morning, brought more drugs from his house and their copy of The Sound of Music since I still don't have my own, and took care of me. He even called the doctor on call because he was so worried and picked up another prescription for me. He watched me snore with my mouth wide open and saw my ugly pajamas -- and very few people can say that. He spent the entire day with me, my roommate's two birds and hours of golf. I haven't felt so loved since I moved away from Idaho.

I'm still sick, and now I have two bruises on my arms because the nurse didn't believe me when I said I have a problem giving blood. :) But I'm going to get better, and I have the most amazing boyfriend to make sure that it happens. I LOVE YOU, ANDREW!

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