Monday, August 17, 2009

Write on

I like to tell people that I'm a writer, and I feel like I am. I've been writing stories since I was a little kid and publishing articles and stories for nearly four years. I am one of those annoying people that can pull out mistakes in billboards and signs (although I don't usually point them out anymore, unless I'm with my dad, who has the same talent). I aspire to writing my own book someday, as I discussed in my last blog.

Which is why the latest book I've read has got me so worked up. My aunt, who writes LDS fiction, sent me a copy of The Hourglass Door, recently published by Shadow Mountain, an offshoot of Deseret Book, in the Salt Lake area. She, as a writer, had already marked up the book with her comments and she mailed it to me with a red pen so I could make my own judgments.

Let me just say that I was completely floored when I read this book. I have read some poorly-written teen books, but I have never read something as flowery and simpering as this. In fact, I was so disgusted that Deseret Book would even let something this bad slide past that I wrote a review on, which you can read here (I'm Lindzlou).

Since you probably haven't read the book (and I wouldn't), it might not make a lot of sense to you. But someone out there has got to write something better for LDS teens and for teens in general. I just wish I had an idea for what to write.

So if you're a writer, or if you have a great idea for a book, let's start a discussion. Between my aunt and I, we know the right people that could review a book and get it out there. I want someone to read something worthwhile. We have the talent to do it.


  1. Too funny! I haven't read the book but I've heard plenty about it--the writer's father works right across the hall!


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