Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seven before my man comes from heaven :)

So, since I'm still waiting to hear back on a job I applied for and currently working at the grocery store, I decided to post a list of post-college goals that have nothing to do with my major and are probably unrealistic. But hey, a girl checking groceries can dream, can't she? Here is my list of things I plan to accomplish before I reach thirty.

1. Make cute, modest dresses for taller girls. OK, I'm no giraffe, but I'm taller, at 5'8, than most of my friends, and it is HARD to find dresses that cover my knees, let alone hit the nicer part of the leg, mid-calf. I mean, let's be honest, ladies. Most women, if asked which body feature they liked the best, wouldn't say, "I have really great knees" or "I absolutely love my lower thighs." No. We "kneed" (pardon my pun) dresses that cover up the wrinkled, bony or pudgy parts of our legs and flow on us gracefully. And someone could make a fortune doing it.

2.Open a jazz club/cafe. Ever since Heart, Mind and Soul went out of business in Rexburg, there hasn't really been a good venue for musicians to play and people to come and just chill. I've had a dream for awhile to open a small cafe and play my own versions of standards on the piano and guitar and open it up for musicians all around the area. And, of course, we would serve my FAVORITE: Italian sodas. My mom's cinnamon rolls are pretty amazing, too.

3. Write a humorous novel about a girl who battles cancer. Sure, Erma Bombeck wrote funny compilations after talking to kids fighting cancer around the country, but I want to write a sarcastically funny book about a teenager who is trying to live a normal life while fighting a terrible disease. Most of the cancer patients fighting their battles at the same time as me are gone now, and I want to write a tribute to their own courage and humor in the face of a disease that crippled their bodies and eventually took their lives. I feel like it might be why I'm still around.

4. Write a screenplay and see it turned into a film. I have no idea if this one will ever come to fruition, but it would be pretty incredible to come up with a concept and then meet with directors to decide on actresses, locations, costumes and filming. I have my heart set on Natalie Portman for a lead. She's so graceful and versatile. Hugh Jackman could be in it somewhere, too.

5. Own a house (or a really nice apartment, depending on finances) and decorate it the way I've dreamed. I have quite a collection of vintage bottles and pictures, a beanbag shaped like a pair of lips, my personal photographs in frames and beautiful artwork done by friends that I want to showcase somewhere. The idea of having my own place and inviting friends over for dinner parties or just to watch movies or hang out really appeals to me.

6. Design Sunday shoes that are sturdy and cute. For some reason, I go through my Sunday shoes about every four months, which is not a normal rate. Actually, I know why: I walk too fast and not daintily enough for teeny tiny heels made for 90-pound models. But still, there has got to be a shoe out there that is attractive and able to withstand my determined, rapid walking. I think I'm going to have to do it myself, however.

7. Find a guy who doesn't mind that I have obsessive goals to accomplish. Even though my college bishop told me must have been killed in the war in heaven, my prince charming is out there somewhere, and he'll be ambitious and stubborn himself. I just have to find him in one of my many endeavors. Who knows? He might be a wicked film director.


  1. You are my hero! I am just going to live vicariously through you, okay? You want to do the coolest things ever! Knowing you (because you're amazing), you will do all of those things. Good luck!

  2. If you are 5'8" and 90 lbs. you need to eat some more of your moms cinnamon rolls girl! Then, proceed with all the above.

  3. This makes me want to make a list like that! I'd totally buy your book, by the way.


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