Thursday, January 15, 2009

The return of the klutz

Have you ever had a day where you felt physically unable to use your body to perform normal functions, you know, such as walking up stairs?

Today was one of those days. Because I know that we all have days when we feel a little klutzy, I decided to share my day with you in the hopes that you will walk a bit more carefully and stand a little taller knowing that you're not alone.

First, after staying up until 2 a.m. for two consecutive nights doing homework, I overslept and got up at 7 for an 8 a.m. class in the Austin building. This would have been fine, except that I had not yet printed out the resumes I had to take to another class, and I had to take muffins to my class for a social (fortunately, I had baked them the night before).

So after showering and quickly getting ready, I tried to print out the resumes and successfully employed the "spinning wheel of death" on my Mac. While I was waiting for the wheel to subside, I decided it was time to hurry and make some toast for the road, forgetting that I was supposed to be eating the muffins and other breakfast foods in my class. When I got back to my computer and coaxed it to print, the toast popped and I suddenly realized that there was no reason to eat it, so I told my roommate they were fair game.

I finally had my resumes and backpack ready, when I realized I needed to take my prescription and proceeded to spill the entire contents of the bottle all over the carpet. After scooping them back in (now you'll all know the reason for my strange erratic behavior if I contaminated those pills), I ran into the kitchen and stuffed the muffins into my bag, already late for class.

After tripping twice on concrete stairs on the way to the Austin and then slipping in the hallway, I made it to class late, only to find that one of the muffins had been smashed, probably the result of my face plants a few minutes before. Fortunately, that class and the next one passed without incident, and I only fell once going up the Spori stairs.

When I got to my English class, I dumped out the contents of two class folders onto the floor, and when I decided it was time to go home for lunch, I fell on the concrete stairs to my apartment and bruised my palm and wrist. Then, in the process of moving all the stuff out of my room into the one across the hall since my roommate never showed up (she's probably lucky), I dropped my deodorant in the toilet, splashing porcelain bowl-drops all over my nice dress pants and the bathroom floor.

If anyone sees me tomorrow and I am sweaty, smell like toilet, and have some weird pus-filled malady from popping tainted pills, you can consider yourself informed as to why.

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