Friday, December 5, 2008

ADD about writing

Well, folks, the semester is winding down and Christmas time is here, which means I am easily distracted and obsessed with decorating things. Thus, I have completely redone my blog about three times within the past few weeks. However, I think I have finally gotten it to where I like it, which is great, considering all the time I have spent reworking it.

In other news, I wrote a five-page paper about the importance or lack thereof of baby names, which was absolutely thrilling to write (I'm not being sarcastic. It actually fascinates me). My hair froze twice yesterday while I was walking around the icy wasteland that is Rexburg (St. Anthony, on the other hand, is always lovely). And I am waxing reminiscent and contemplative, especially as I prepare for my final semester at BYU-Idaho in just a few short weeks. Are there things I must do to complete this rite of passage? Have I missed my big chance to attend all the concerts and social events? Am I really going to (gasp) graduate without having found my eternal companion?

I do wonder, as my friend Chris asked recently, whether I am too neurotic. And the answer I think we're all a little happy crazy at this time of year.

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