Sunday, August 16, 2015

15 months

Henry and Norah are 15 months old and definitely developing their own personalities. Here's what they're up to this month:

  • Weighs 25 pounds and is 32.25 inches tall (in the 80th percentile for weight and 84th for height)
  • Loves to grab laundry and wrap it around his head, especially his or Norah's pajamas when we get him dressed in the morning
  • Bangs his head against everything, including the piano, walls and doors
  • Eats basically everything and loves hot dogs, bananas, cheese and yogurt but refuses to touch peaches and chicken nuggets (which is so weird)
  • Still doesn't walk but will take leaps between one couch to the other and walk along the walls using his hands
  • Loves to climb on the couch and play with the blinds or bang the remote against the window
  • Is outgrowing his asthma and hasn't had to use his nebulizer in months (yay!)
  • Still wears 12-18 month clothes but wears some 18-month onesies and pajamas
  • Loves bath time and is obsessed with trying to cram his tiny toy boats into cups
  • Calls for Norah all the time (though it sounds more like "Noah") and says "baba," "mama," "dada" and "bye-bye"
  • Always tries to get into the cupboards and, when he can't, bangs the doors as loudly as he can
  • Sometimes throws fits when he's hungry or doesn't want his diaper changed but is generally a pretty chill kid
  • Loves to make noise and yell loudly in the car (and get in yelling matches with Norah)
  • Sleeps really well at night but takes short naps
  • Loves to push chairs around the kitchen and use other toys to propel himself while crawling
  • Has four teeth on the bottom and two on the top
  • Is obsessed with stairs and loves to race up them at Grandma's house

  • Weighs nearly 21 pounds and is 31.5 inches tall (42nd percentile for weight and 79th percentile for height)
  • Loves to play in the laundry like Henry does and frequently sticks blankets and burp cloths on her head
  • Still likes to pull fibers out of the couch and eat them
  • Finally has more hair, and it looks like it will be straight, not curly like Henry's
  • Eats almost everything as long as she can feed herself, but loves peaches, cheese, watermelon, honeydew and bananas
  • Has four teeth on the top and two on the bottom and loves to give us cheesy grins
  • Is obsessed with wearing her beads and a little straw hat with red trim
  • Hates having her diaper changed and has to be distracted with the rash cream or a cell phone
  • Loves to turn the light on and off when she's on the changing table
  • Walks all over the house and is starting to run
  • Is obsessed with the stairs at Grandma's house like Henry is, but goes up them much more slowly
  • Loves to babble but usually only says "mama," "dada," "baba" or "uh-oh"
  • Is already a drama queen and throws herself on the floor and cries when Henry takes her toys or she doesn't get to climb on the couch
  • Sleeps well at night and usually takes great naps during the day
  • Has outgrown her breathing issues like Henry and doesn't need the nebulizer
  • Loves pushing things around, especially strollers and little shopping carts
  • Still loves to swing and gets the giggles when we push her really high

I love my sweet twins so much, even though they're getting into everything and learning to throw tantrums. It's fun to watch them grow and think about the people they're becoming. :)

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  1. Well, where is the straw hat! :)


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