Friday, March 27, 2015

10 months

Ten months! As I put it on Instagram, my babies are in double digits now. This month has been full of milestones for Henry and Norah, and I can definitely see their distinct personalities forming. Here's what they're doing at 10 months.

  • Weighs about 21.5 pounds and is probably 29.5 inches long
  • Still wears mostly nine-month clothes but fits into some 12-month pants
  • Army crawls everywhere but doesn't pull himself up yet
  • Currently HATES it when we try to make him sit, arching his back and standing so that we have to bend his legs. Once he's sitting, though, he's happy.
  • Has four teeth still, and the bottom two are adorably crooked
  • Eats practically all baby food but isn't a fan of ham or green beans
  • Usually takes 20-minute naps but has taken two- to three-hour naps lately when he's really tired
  • Loves to follow Norah around and steal her toys (which is payback for her stealing his for months)
  • Is still an incredibly happy baby and loves to smile at everyone and make himself and Norah laugh
  • Gets really excited when his dad comes home from work and scoots over to greet him with a big grin on his face
  • Has started rolling to his tummy immediately when we put him down to sleep at night
  • Screams bloody murder when he's hungry or doesn't want to take a nap
  • Calms down when I sing to him or turn his mobile on
  • Babbles all the time and can say "baba" and "mama" (although he doesn't realize that I'm mama yet)
  • Is quick at rolling over when I'm trying to change his diaper
  • Weighs 18.5 pounds and is probably close to 28 inches long
  • Still wears mainly six-month clothes but has started to wear nine-month onesies
  • Pulls herself up to standing next to the couch, walker and baby gate and will be standing on her own soon
  • Knows how to open the baby gate by pulling the latch up and has let herself and Henry out to play in the kitchen
  • Does not like baby food at all and will only take a few bites of sweet potatoes, apple sauce or yogurt before clamping her mouth shut
  • Loves to shake her head "no" and has taught Henry to do it, too
  • Giggles at Henry and likes to watch him crawling under the walker while she's standing next to it
  • Doesn't say any words yet but says "Mmmmmmmm" urgently when she wants me to pick her up
  • Takes great naps throughout the day (usually at least an hour long) but has decided bedtime doesn't happen until 10 p.m. or later
  • Still prefers to be fed with a bottle but pushes it away immediately when she's done
  • Likes to be tickled on her legs and gives us great throaty laughs when we find the right spot
  • Doesn't have any teeth yet but continues to chew on everything, so they must be coming soon
  • Pulls herself up to standing in her crib so she can watch us when we come grab her
  • Still loves to be snuggled when she's tired and falls asleep quickly when I sing to her and hold her
  • Only takes her pacifier when she's about to go to sleep but loves to play with it and the pacifier cord
I'm already planning their first birthday and having a hard time believing it's almost here. Time flies when your twins are growing up.


  1. Norah looks like you, and Henry definitely looks like Andrew.

  2. It had flown by! Love the updates!


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