Sunday, September 14, 2014

Four months

Henry and Norah turned four months old on Sept. 6, and I feel like they're totally different babies than they were at three months! Life just keeps getting more fun with these cute kids.


  • Very rarely takes his pacifier now (only when he's sleepy will he suck on it, and only for a short time)
  • Weighs 13 pounds and is probably close to 22 inches now
  • Still fits into a few 0-3 month clothes but fits pretty well in 3-month clothes now
  • Loves to coo and make lots of noises
  • Smiles at us all the time now, especially when we're holding him
  • Has hazel-blue eyes currently (probably on their way to brown)
  • Likes to kick his legs a lot, and we love hearing him kicking in his car seat
  • Takes short cat naps during the day now, but usually sleeps really well at night
  • Always seems thoughtful as he looks around
  • Likes to snuggle up to Norah on their play mat
  • Has started to grab things, especially his blanket
  • Loves to suck on his fists and still curls them by his face when he sleeps
  • Still loves music and smiles a lot when I sing to him
  • Likes sleeping on his dad's tummy but prefers to sit up when we hold him so he can see
  • Holds his head up really well and tries to army crawl already

  • Loves her pacifier and chomps down on it hard when we give it to her — probably because she's starting to get teeth already
  • Gives us lots of gummy smiles and follows me with her eyes when I leave the room
  • Usually hates her car seat at first but calms down when the car starts going
  • Weighs 11 pounds 11 ounces and is probably around 22 inches as well
  • Is a little too small for 3-month clothes still, but I've put her in a few anyway :)
  • Has pretty bluish-brown eyes currently (probably on their way to brown as well)
  • Still loves to take long naps during the day and curls her fists by her head
  • Is very drooly and loves sucking on her blanket and her hands
  • Loves her brother and will talk to him when they're lying on their play mat
  • Makes lots of little noises just like Henry, sometimes giggling in her sleep
  • Holds her head up and won't usually lay on my shoulder anymore to burp
  • Is very alert and widens her eyes to take everything in
  • Loves when I sing to her, too, especially "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"
  • Will lay next to me on our bed and sleep for hours (or curled up in Andrew's arms as he sleeps)
  • Is as dramatic as ever and likes to scream at us when she's mad (or wakes up from nightmares occasionally) — but we love that she has a fiery personality :)
I'm planning to get back into the groove of blogging and reading blogs, but things have gotten even more hectic since I've gone back to work. Hopefully I'll have a bit more energy to blog soon!


  1. Do you make the numbers or do they sell them? Pictures are gorgeous. I like Norah's
    head band.

  2. love seeing the updates on those cuties!!

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  4. Norah looks adorable in her hair piece. Does she try to pull it off?
    What a great idea with monthly updates, Lindsay. I love seeing their sweet little faces. xxx


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