Monday, March 24, 2014

25 weeks

Top: Lilac Clothing | Jeans: H&M Maternity | Jacket: Old | Shoes: Thrifted

Andrew snapped this picture of me on Saturday evening. I was 24 weeks, but I guess technically today I'm starting week 25. I'm feeling exhausted all the time and pretty sore in my back, legs and arms, but other than that, things are good!

Some other random things:

  • Our little girl likes to hang out on my left side under my ribs, which gets very painful after a while. Her brother is always sitting very low in my tummy, and his kicks are already pretty powerful. He'll be a great soccer player (though I think his sister's kicks just don't feel as strong because of where she is right now)!
  • I got by with belly bands for a while, but I broke down a few weeks ago and bought two pairs of maternity jeans from H&M when they were on sale, and they are AMAZING. I feel so much more comfortable now and am not trying to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I also bought this top when Lilac Clothing was having a promotion at Costco, and it's very flattering. You can wrap the sides around, which accommodates a growing belly, and the fabric is really soft.
  • My black MacBook has been slowing down for months now (I bought it in 2008), so Andrew finally convinced me to upgrade to a MacBook Pro when I got my annual bonus at work. I am embarrassed to say that I hadn't really used it until this weekend — and we bought it almost a month ago. I almost felt like I was abandoning an old friend, since that MacBook has been my baby for almost six years. Anyone else get super attached to computers? Just me?

I am planning to post about some of the things that have gotten me through this pregnancy (like an amazing body pillow that goes everywhere) soon, so look for that! AND we have two cribs set up, vinyl on the walls and storage baskets for the nursery. Once everything is in place, I'll be revealing the finished product. It is just perfect for our sweet little growing babies.


  1. You look gorgeous and totally hip. (Is that current language?) I like your lipstick, too.

  2. I stand all amazed at the miracle these babies are! I remember the stake fast we had and the meeting at the 3rd/4th ward building when you were sick. And now all these years later you are here!

  3. adore that leather jacket. You look amazing, love.

  4. So so cute, I am loving that color of purple right now! I got a dress that color and I'm in love with it! The jeans look great on you too, worth it for sure. Love reading your pregnancy updates! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  5. You look glowing! What a stylish mama!
    Enjoy every minute of this pregnancy, Lindsay and put your feet up a lot! xxx

  6. You look so cute! When I discovered maternity underwear I almost cried the first time I put some on. It was so comfortable after my too-tight non-maternity ones.

  7. I totally understand wanting to keep wearing the same clothes... but feel comfortable too!

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  8. You look so adorable Lindsay and sorry to hear about some of the aches and pains and that does sound difficult with her wanting to hang out near your ribs. I think you'll look great in the H&M jeans and you only have to wear them a few more months. hehe. I'm sure you're so excited and I hope the new MacBook works out. I'm surprised it lasted so long since '08. :)


  9. love your updates!! i always wondered what carrying both genders would be like, since boys usually hang out low i hear

  10. Goodness! I remember some of the maternity aches and pains...but can't imagine a double dose! Hope you have lots of time to relax and kick your feet-up! :) You look fantastic! :)

    I'm pretty attached to my '08 Macbook too! I'm not ready to go new, yet! :)


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