Friday, October 25, 2013

Fashion Friday: How to style a vintage dress

Dress: Vintage | Cardigan: Costco | Boots: Bouquets (old)

I bought this vintage 1970s dress on Etsy about four years ago, but I've only worn it a handful of times since the color is most appropriate for fall. I love the pockets and the brass buttons, but it makes me look busty when I wear it alone.

Enter the black cardigan. I threw this on partly because I was freezing, but I think it and the black boots tie the look together and make it more modern.

If you're trying to style a vintage dress (or even one that you've had in your closet for years), try adding a cardigan or even a belt to add interest. It can change your entire outfit! I have a feeling this dress will get more wear now that I have a better way to style it.

Do you have any vintage dresses? How do you bring them into the 21st century?


  1. You look nice, and wherever you are looks very nice.

  2. I do have a vintage dress. I didn't buy it, it's one I've hung on to. I haven't tried it on in years, and I should. It's a light pink floral, but not to crazy. It's the cut that I like. It's June Clever-ish, though I don't have June's tiny waist. Ha.

  3. Sorry, I know my grammar needs help... with the "to's". Don't kill me, I'm an art major. :)

    1. You should definitely try your vintage dress on again, Connie! I bet it looks great on you. And I am not judging. You should see MY artwork. Terrible. :)

  4. I love this dress on you Lindsay and i know what you mean about Vintage dresses. Sometimes they're cut in a weird way or too long. I love how you added the sweater with it and I always add either modern jewelry and heels or a sweater like you. Great photos and I love the green earrings too.


  5. perfect fall dress and had no idea it was vintage! pretty.

  6. I haven't got any vintage dresses (got to do something about it, I suppose :) but styling one would be a nice challenge. I really like you wearing yours, the colours, the feel, with your pretty dark hair, Lindsay xxx

  7. Love the vintage dress-especially with the boots! Totally cute!


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