Monday, September 23, 2013


I shamelessly copied the idea for this post from my lovely blogger friend Eli, who got it from another blogger whom I love, Sydney, who got it from Pip's rad blog. Got that? I just don't want you to think I came up with this stuff on my own.

If you like it, you can get the text from Pip and make your own. Please let me know in the comments so I can read yours and get to know you!

Making: a wedding invitation for my sister
Cooking: up plans for a blog redesign
Drinking: Italian sodas and (soon) 7-11's hot chocolate
Reading: The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt
Wanting: this gorgeous cognac-colored jacket
Looking: for beauty in small moments
Playing: with my new apothecary jar
Wasting: time watching Duck Dynasty
Sewing: in my mind (I should be fixing a blouse)
Wishing: I could snuggle my new niece
Enjoying: my new job
Waiting: for my cold to finally go away
Liking: the crisp autumn air
Wondering: why my face is breaking out at age 26
Loving: IOS 7 (it's like having a brand-new phone!)
Hoping: to go to Frightmares
Marveling: at my many blessings
Needing: to feel needed
Smelling: Bath & Body Works' autumn Wallflowers
Wearing: cardigans and wool socks
Following: my sister's travels in Jerusalem (and missing her like crazy)
Noticing: grey hairs! Not a good sign!
Knowing: I am a child of God
Thinking: about the work week ahead
Feeling: incredibly grateful for answered prayers
Bookmarking: everything from the Huffington Post women's section
Opening: the Martha Stewart Living fall issue
Giggling: over this kooky Norwegian fox song


  1. I love your list Lindsay, hope you'll get better soon so I'm sending you lots of last streaks of our sun!!
    Can't wait to see new blog design and I'll definitely need to check what you're reading! Have a fabulous day, dear! xxxx

  2. reading--blogs and commenting on them
    drinking--coffee, which i never do during the week. still so tired fr being sick.

  3. I saw that post on the daybook too and keep meaning to do it! I'm liking the crisp fall air too :) maybe ISO7 would save my is SLOW. that's so cool your sister is travelling in Jerusalem, does she have a blog? i'd love to read about her trip.


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