Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Writing Wednesday: Peak vs. Peek

I really wish I had designed this graphic! It perfectly explains in just a glance the difference between peek and peak. Still have questions? Here's a brief description of both:

  • Peek: To surreptitiously glance at something (Andrew used to peek at his Christmas presents as a kid.)
  • Peak: The top of a mountain or the highest point of something. (Example: John peaked in high school, since he was the star quarterback and student body president.)
Whatever you do, don't write the phrase sneak peak and blast it to all of your Facebook fans (as I've seen at least five times during the past few weeks). Every time I see this, I want to reply "Hidden mountain!" Fortunately, I have enough self-control not to. :)

One final wrench to throw into this mix is the word pique, which means "to excite or to incite emotion." The most common use of this word is in the phrase piqued his interest (not to be confused with peaked his interest, which is the incorrect use of the word).

Do you ever confuse these words? How often do you use the word piqued? I think it's an awesome word, but it's very underused.


  1. Great graphics. I get confused spelling speak and speech. Shouldn't they be similar?

  2. I have never thought of this as a grammar issue, but apparently it seems an issue.

  3. haha, I see this mistake all the time and I have to admit the first time I wrote this phrase on my instagram and FB I spelled it wrong and someone tweeted at me it was wrong. LOL. So glad they did though because it is an error I see every day! So glad you shared this...gonna tweet it now to help some more bloggers. hehe

    The graphic is perfect too


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