Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday: Mellow yellow

Top: The Chic Orchid | Jeans: Old Navy | Sandals: Shoe Carnival

I don't wear a lot of yellow (as you've probably noticed), but when I saw this shirt on sale for $11, I decided to give it a try. I really like it! It kind of reminds me of Charlie Brown.

If you wear a busy top, you want to keep things simple on the bottom, so white skinny jeans are a great complement for the shirt. I was very proud of myself: For the first time, I didn't spill anything on my white pants — and we even went to Costa Vida for dinner!

Do you wear a lot of yellow? This shirt is helping me step out of my rut and give sunny shades another try.


  1. You look great in yellow. Cute outfit. I could were that because of the "flowing" top.

  2. I love it. The red earrings give that pop of color. I don't have much yellow myself, but I've tried more orange. Your dark hair looks great with yellow.

  3. $11? I would have bought it too!! Super cute. I don't really wear a lot of yellow either but I would totally wear that!


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