Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Monday: Songs you should play on the piano

When I was pretending I needed glasses.

I'm back! I had an interesting week away from blogland (though I did read one or two blogs when I got really bored last week) and realized that I do miss blogging and connecting with all of you. I'm still trying to figure out what I like writing about most — and how to keep this blog interesting — but I'm going to keep things the same for now with the schedule.

It was a quiet Sunday here, so I thought I'd return to Music Monday and post just a few of the songs I like to play on the piano when I want to set a peaceful mood. If you don't play the piano, these are also songs you can download and listen to — and, truth be told, they sound a lot better than when I plunk them out. :)

  • The Pride and Prejudice songbook: I've talked about this soundtrack on the blog before, but the music is so beautiful and relaxing and perfect when you need to unwind. Also, since piano music plays a big part in the movie, I always feel a little bit like I'm Elizabeth Bennett when I'm playing these songs on the piano, and I can picture Mr. Darcy falling in love with Elizabeth's feisty spirit again.
  • The Anne of Green Gables theme: This song will only resonate with you if you've seen the movies (and you haven't, go over to Amazon and buy them right now and take a day off to catch up). However, it's so romantic and simple that you'll fall in love with it even if you haven't gotten swept up in Anne and Gilbert's love story. Ahhhhhhhh. I think I might need to go watch this again soon.
  • The theme from Somewhere in Time: Are you sensing a pattern here? Apparently I love to play movie themes from romantic films. But seriously, this song is one of the most beautiful pieces ever written. I will never get over its elegance and melancholy melody. Bonus: It's not too hard to play on the piano.
  • "Moon River": This song is famous because of Breakfast at Tiffany's, but I don't really care for that movie (I know — how awful) and it actually reminds me of Kate and Leopold because Kate's neighbor listens to the soundtrack every night until exactly midnight and then goes to sleep. And it's just a lovely song.
  • "Jessica's Theme" from The Man From Snowy River: I think every girl who adores this movie and can play the piano has this sheet music because it is SO pretty and Jim Craig is so handsome and Jessica is playing this song as he is falling in love with her AND they are riding horses. GAH. It doesn't get much better than that. Obviously, I have seen this movie too many times.
So, there you go. I've now convinced myself that I need to watch all of these movies again and fall in love with Mr. Darcy, Gilbert, Richard, Leopold and Jim again (and watch them woo amazing leading ladies on screen). Isn't it amazing what playing a few songs on the piano can do?

What have I missed? Do you have favorites to play on the piano? I'm always looking for new songs — but please keep in mind that sharps are not my friend and I do like songs that are on the easier side. :)


  1. I think I ended my piano career with Fur (with two dots) Elise.

  2. I don't play. :( I am glad your break from blogging was short.

    1. Thanks, Connie! It seemed like a forever-long break, since I'm used to posting so frequently. But I'm glad to be back. :)

  3. Glad you're back to blogland and I definitely need to watch these movies too, reading through these I realize there are so many movies I haven't seen.



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