Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday: Lots of dots

Skirt: Urban Wear | Cardigan: Cotton On | Tights: Ross | Wedges: Target

GAH, don't you hate it when your cardigan is all bunchy and you don't even notice? Oh, well. It kept me warm, and it went perfectly with my new polka dot skirt! My mom and I spent a few hours in the mall two weeks ago when they were visiting and came across a bin full of skirts that were discounted because they had broken zippers. 

I knew I could fix this one with my mom's help, so I bought it, got a new zipper at JoAnn's -- and then sewed on a button on something else while she unpicked the zipper and sewed the new one in (by hand!) before I realized it. I love my mom. She's awesome.

Polka dots are my go-to, especially lately when the weather has been dreary and I want to wear something fun. So be warned that you may see a lot of polka dots on here in the future. They're just my favorite.


  1. Okay, I seriously need to learn to sew. Were all the skirts you found modest? I say if you find one these days, you better buy it haha

  2. You look so nice! Great cardigan! : )


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