Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Writing Wednesday: Toward vs. towards

Is it already the middle of the week? The days have been roaring by for me, mainly because work has been so busy -- and because I've spent the last three days catching up on the first two seasons of Downton Abbey so I can start watching the third, which just started.

I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a skeptic when I hear about something that everyone is watching or reading, because I hate to just jump on a bandwagon (and because I have this stubborn streak about not following the crowd). But if you're not on the Downton Abbey train, hop on it. It's got everything: romance, British stoicism, period costumes, handsome heirs. What's not to love?

Anyway, this week's Writing Wednesday is inspired by my friend Amy, who asked me about the phrases toward and towards and whether one is more correct than the other. My first thought was that toward was correct, but after checking to see what Grammar Girl (basically my idol) had to say, I found out that both are correct -- and that your use of the word generally depends on where you live.

So. Both toward or towards are accepted. Grammar is so fascinating to me -- especially since the word  anyways is hotly debated as being a real word.

What do you think? Toward or towards? Do you use anyways?


  1. Thanks, Lindsay! And I never use "anyways."

  2. After using Chicago for 10+ years, towards does not exist for me.


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