Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashion Friday: Royal hues

Dress: Final Touch (old) | Cardigan: Wet Seal (old) | Belt: Wet Seal (old) Tights: Fred Meyer | Boots: Bouquet (old)

Wow! Everything I wore yesterday (except the tights) is super old, so I guess this isn't much of a fashion post. Also, I am SO TIRED of the weather that requires me to have my husband take awkward deer-in-the-headlights photos of my outfits in our living room. You understand, right? Winter just sucks.

Anyway, I wanted to share this to show you how to make knit dresses more modest and interesting. This dress is just a tad too short, and when I add a belt (because it looks boring and shapeless without it) it scrunches up even more. But I love the color and the pockets and the fun texture, so I can't give it up!

Enter the ruffled slip. I actually have no idea where I got this, because I've had it for at least 10 years, but I wear it all the time with dresses that are too short. You could easily make one yourself by just sewing a thick ruffle to a slip you already have (which I have also done), but there are also plenty of extender slips out there in boutiques and online. I highly recommend them if you're tall like me and never seem to have dresses that fit.

You might be thinking, Why not just sew a layer of ruffles to the bottom of the dress? You could certainly do that, too, but I think it limits your style options (not to mention that sweater fabric bunches and is difficult to sew). I actually have a brown ruffle slip I've worn with this dress before, which changes the entire look -- and makes it possible to wear brown boots. :)

Any tips on making shorter dresses more modest? What are your favorite ways to style thicker clothes in the winter? Utah had freezing rain today, and I was grateful for my cozy outfit when the droplets froze instantly on my windshield, creating bubble wrap-like ice pockets, and I had to pull into a gas station to scrape it off.


  1. Other than tights or leggings, I don't have any other ideas! I'll think on it, though.

  2. cute blog! just found ya through a friend. hope to get to know ya better.


  3. That is a great idea, the ruffle slip.
    This winter may be dragging, but I was happy to see the blue sky and mountains Sunday.I was ready to take a trip home just to breath.

    1. Me, too, Connie. We finally have clear air again!

  4. ahh i live in utah too & the freezing rain was so crazy last week!! and now the snow today??? i just want to curl up in bed & watch tons of movies. i am so over this winter we are having. love your blog!

    new follower :)


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