Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Fashion: Wide-leg pants

Blouse: Ross | Jeans: Thrifted | Hair: Courtesy of blustery weather

I really dislike windy weather. I always have. And yesterday was blustery and windy and made my hair fuzzy and dry -- hence the crazy ugly hair above. Also, it gets dark before I get home from work (which totally sucks), so this is another indoor photo (sorry).

However, I'm all about keeping it real on this blog, and I still wanted to share two of my favorite fashion trends that I do think can work with every body type: sheer blouses and wide-leg pants.

  • Sheer blouses: Please note that I do not advocate actually wearing these blouses without another camisole or cap-sleeved shirt underneath them. Nobody wants to see that. But I think sheer blouses are a great way to camouflage a tummy or upper arms without resorting to clingy knits or boring crewnecks. Plus, you can choose from tons of fun patterns! While it's hard to see in this picture, this blouse has little horses all over it. I snatched it up the moment I saw it because I've always wanted something with a horse pattern ever since I read Ellen Tebbits as a kid. Anyone remember that book? It's fantastic, as all Beverly Cleary books are.
  • Wide-leg pants: I know there are tons of tutorials around the web about turning your wide-leg pants into skinny jeans. While this may be cute, don't cut up all your old jeans just yet! Wide-leg pants are a classic silhouette that flatters every woman. They make your legs look a million miles long (great if you're petite), they hide curvy thighs and they slim wider hips. The higher waistband is also flattering and keeps your tummy hidden. The other plus to wide-leg jeans? They require heels so they don't drag on the floor (or cover your shoes entirely) -- and heels make every outfit look more polished. I love these pants because they also have a subtle metallic sheen, and I feel like they're dressy enough for a presentation at work.
That's it! I promise the next photo I post will not feature windblown hair and the same taupe wall. Did you notice I'm still rolling with the alliteration and plan to include Friday Fashion now with Writing Wednesday? Wait till you see Music Monday (and you think I'm kidding)! I'm kind of settling into a groove with what I want to share on this blog, and it's fun to share new ideas.

How do you feel about wide-leg pants? Cut 'em up and make 'em skinny, or leave 'em alone and rock a classic look?


  1. Love the wide-leg pants. Practically impossible to find in this skinny jean world.

  2. i love wide-leg pants!! they can be so chic.

  3. I've always loved wide legs...since the original wide legs in the 70's. Haha They make me feel tall, like you said.
    I love the layered blouse look. I'm always looking for them.


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