Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion Friday: True colors

Cardigan: Old Navy (old) | Shirt: Ross | Pants: Celebrity Pink (via Ross but originally at Macy's) | Boots: Overstock (old)

This post is REALLY short because I am exhausted and my head is throbbing and I need to go to bed. But I just wanted to show you that sometimes two bright colors can work well together. Just make sure you tie them together with a neutral, like black boots, so you don't look like you escaped from the circus.

Also, this is not my baby, in case you were wondering. I was holding my nephew, Preston, a couple weeks ago and thought it'd be fun to get a picture with him, too -- especially since he and his family will be moving away soon. :(

Happy Friday! I hope you have a relaxing weekend. If you're like me, you need it.


  1. hope you feel better. great color combo. and i always love holding a baby!!!

  2. Looks great! I love overstock.
    Any other good online places you frequent?

  3. Thanks, Jessie! Right now I'm loving Modcloth for dresses. I've also bought clothes from a company called Pick Your Plum that are really cheap. I'll share more online clothing stores in a future Fashion Friday. :)


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