Thursday, November 1, 2012

A dangerous pastime

Good friends make everything better.

It has become sort of a tradition in our home when someone says "I've been thinking" to immediately sing "A dangerous pastime, I know" from Beauty and the Beast. Not all the time. Don't worry about it.

Anyway, I have been thinking lately about what my strengths are and how I can focus on them and share them with others on this blog. It'll help me keep working on my talents and allow me to share my passions with you (and not get down on myself for the things that I will never be good at).

So. Here are a few of my talents that I'm going to commit to sharing. I encourage you to write down the things you know you're good at as well, every once in a while, as a reminder. You may have forgotten them, and it'll help you focus on the things in life that you can control and receive joy from doing.

  • I am good at writing and editing. I've been writing and telling stories basically since I learned the alphabet (and learned how to make it into words), and I am sometimes hesitant to share tips with other people because I don't want to make them feel bad or seem like I'm being pretentious. But you know what? Some people did not learn the rules of grammar very well and are grateful for tips, and others are just interested sometimes in a refresher course. So I'm going to share more writing tips, possibly on Wednesdays so I can use that wildly alliterative title "Writing Wednesdays." Eh, eh? Maybe not -- to the title, that is. It's still up for debate.
  • I am good at singing. I love to sing, and I've been doing it my entire life as well. While it's kind of hard to give people singing tips online, I can definitely share more music on my blog and talk about songs that are fun to sing as well. I really haven't talked about music on this blog for a while, and it's such a huge part of my life and one of my passions. Note that I did NOT say I am good at playing that piano, because I'm not. But I'm trying to get better now that I have a piano in my home.
  • I am good at knowing what fashion trends work and do NOT work. I've recently begun following a few fashion blogs, and they're so fun! However, what is missing from them is tips on actually getting the look when you aren't 5'10 and a size 0. I want to focus on trends that look good on everyone and ways you can look your best -- no matter what shape you are. I'll be posting a few pictures of myself in my favorite outfits because a) I need to be better at taking pictures of myself and b) I want my kids to be able to look  back on the things I wore and see what I looked like. I was always curious about what my mom wore and looked like before I was born, and I think my kids will have that same curiosity.
Those are just a few of the things I plan to share with you. What are your talents? What do you love talking about/doing most? I'd love to hear.


  1. HAHA love the B&TB reference! :) In response to your post: #1. I'm jealous that you have a piano. #2. I would love to read your writing tips. #3 I have no fashion sense. But I'm ok with that, because I'm a pretty decent cook, I have a great sense of humor, and I think I have good taste in books and movies.

  2. i'm great at grammar, i can sing (i think i can! hehe), i'm a great listener, and can see both sides of the story (libra!)

  3. I'm good at gathering good information before I make a decision. I'm good at doing my hair. (Not other people's hair.) I'm good at writing effective craigslist posts. (I'm not kidding.) I'm good at cooking and food storage.

    Thank you for reminding me that I'm good at some things.

    PS - I'm having a fashion crisis. I had a baby almost 9 months ago and my body is "different" than it was. I'm petite and it was always hard to find clothes that were right for my body. I've been a little mopey about wearing yoga pants for months waiting for the day I fit back into my "old clothes". I need to find a few things now that will make me feel presentable in public. HELP!

  4. I'm excited to hear your writing tips! I know I could learn a lot from you...


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