Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy birthday to Andrew!

Happy birthday to Andrew today! He is 26 now, meaning we are no longer the same age (though we only were for about two-and-a-half months).

We celebrated by going bowling, driving up Millcreek Canyon and eating at our new favorite restaurant, Bombay House, yesterday. And today was pretty low-key. Andrew's mom made him his favorite angel food cake, and we enjoyed dinner at their home and played with a few of our nieces and nephews. What post would be complete without photos of cute kids?

I swear, Andrew and I did take more pictures of the other kids besides Taylee (the brunette), but she is the camera's darling and will pose for every picture (while the other kids were turning their faces away).

Happiest 26th to Andrew! I love him so much and am glad he's my husband for eternity. He teaches me something new all the time, and I love watching him with kids. It's always fun to celebrate with him.

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