Monday, July 30, 2012

Bigger and bossier

I hope I am neither bigger nor bossier, but I have been making bigger cards with the Big Shot and I'm loving it! I just got a new chevron embossing folder (no pictures of cards with that yet -- sorry), stripes folder and happened across a two-pack of diamond and paisley folders at Michael's on Saturday for just $5! Score! I've also been playing with the flower die I got a few weeks ago -- my only die so far. The dies are much harder to find, and most are really ugly. So I'm going to stick to the embossing folders for now, I think.

The thing that's funniest about the Big Shot is that I actually haven't made that many cards lately. The most fun part is putting the paper in the folder, cranking it through the machine and seeing (and feeling) the awesome  design that comes out. I even came into the kitchen yesterday and saw an embossed piece of yellow paper with a snowflake design that I didn't remember doing and saw Andrew sitting on the couch. 

Not one to miss an opportunity, I said (in my best mom voice), "Have you been playing with the Big Shot?"

He smiled one of my favorite smiles and said, "I wanted to see if the yellow paper would go through."

I love this boy. He makes me laugh and surprises me all the time.

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  1. Oh man, there are so many fun creative things I want to do like this, but I just haven't found the time. Someday.....


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