Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Music of the night

In our quest to find old silk ties to make these amazing Easter eggs, Andrew and I hit the mother lode at DI tonight. I got a bunch of Berenstain Bear books (have I mentioned that I collect them?), four cool ties and six great CDs! Thrifting is my favorite.

Excuse the awful, blown-out flash. It's late and I was lazy.

Andrew also found a great CD called "Sax on the Beach" (The title had me giggling for about five minutes straight -- yes, I am 12 -- and actually, I am still giggling) that we did not buy, even though I was tempted just because of the word play. Sometimes DI is really fun on a week night -- and now I have a bunch of new (OK, old, but new to me) music to add to my iPod! Yay!

What's your favorite thrift store find lately? Do you know anywhere to get cheap silk ties? DI's were $3 a pop. I mean, really? Not a cheap Easter project!

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  1. I've gotten a lot of holiday decorations at the DI for a dollar or less. That might sound funny, but people around here buy and make a lot of cute stuff, only to get bored of it when the next cutest craft comes out. It's been a great way to decorate on the cheap!


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