Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I nailed it!

This is not a great picture, but I was really excited about how my nails turned out. I rarely paint my nails, but I'm absolutely in love with the polish I bought at Urban Outfitters about a month ago on a whim. It was 2 for $8, so I bought an icy green and this pretty coral. Both have been lovely! I highly recommend the nail polish, especially if you have ridges in your nails like me (the ugly result of health problems).

I am also holding ice cream from Nielsen's Frozen Custard, which is right down the street from our house. My mom and I took a walk tonight to get some (negating the exercise, but who cares) and spent some time planning out the quilt that I'm going to make! I found it on Pinterest, and it's lovely and simple and colorful.

Andrew and I had a nice weekend alone putting up our surround sound (OK, I watched TV while Andrew put up the speakers) and getting artisan pizza with friends. Sometimes you just need a little time to not do much of anything. And this week is already shaping up to be incredibly busy. I'm already exhausted and it's only Tuesday!

What's your favorite nail polish right now? Any hot colors I should try next?

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  1. I LOVE nail polish. Right now I'm digging dark blues, like Essie's "Bobbing for Baubles," or whatever. Nail polish names are ridiculous, just know that it's a grayish navy.


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