Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family, and I hope you all did as well! I took absolutely no pictures, ate way too much food and hung out with my siblings and my new sister-in-law for several days. It was nice to have a break.

And I have two BIG opportunities looming right now that are reminding me how much I struggle with patience -- and how anxious I get in the wake of the unknown. I always think I'm doing better with patience until I have to wait for some news. I think it's Heavenly Father's way of reminding me that He is in charge and things run on His timing.

Sorry for the ambiguity of this post. I desperately want to share good news, but I'm afraid to spoil or jinx anything right now. The minute I have confirmation, I will share it -- I promise. :)

Until then, I'm trying to unwind by watching Anne of Green Gables and getting lost in Anne and Gilbert's romance for the 50th time. If you haven't read the series or seen the movies, I highly recommend both. AHHHHH. They're just wonderful, and they're helping me calm my anxiety.

More to come soon!


  1. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! And I have to add that I firmly believe that Anne of Green Gables will either fix or get me through nearly everything: sick days, bad days, bedrest, - you name it! Good luck!!

  2. Do these opportunities have anything to do with a new job? That's the anticipation that's hanging over me and Seve right now . . . GAH it's nerve-racking but so exciting!


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