Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Repenting for my anger :)

So...a few days ago I posted a rant about how much I hated being treated like a moron when I went to car shops and tire stores. I still hate that, as I'm sure most people would. That part has not changed.

But what has changed is that I had a GREAT experience at the tire shop that I was so furious at last week, and I feel terrible that I said the things I did about that shop! After my initial reaction, I have been absolutely floored at how well I was treated. The guys there performed every test they possibly could to figure out how my car had lost two gallons of coolant within a week, and when they couldn't figure it out, they put dye in the tank and had me drive it around for the weekend and bring it back Monday. Did they charge me for the coolant they topped it off with or the diagnostics?

"Come back Monday." That's all Bob, the owner, would say.

I came back Monday, and they figured out that it was probably the radiator cap, but it was too late for the guy working on it to be absolutely positive. So he asked if I could bring it back in the morning, when he would run some more tests and make sure it was the cap. Did he charge me?

"Come back tomorrow," he said with a smile.

I came back the next day, and after they ran tests, cleaned it up and even took it for a test drive in Parley's Canyon, and when I went to pay for it, he only charged me for the part, not even for all the diagnostic work he'd done or the coolant he'd filled it with!

Now THAT, my friends, is service. I have never been treated that well at a shop in my life! So, my Utah people, hit up Bob Jones' Goodyear on 9th East. I promise you'll be happy. :)

And, by the way, I'm coming back tomorrow -- with a thank-you card. I think I've made amends now!

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  1. I just love happy endings. :)

    Also, I couldn't be more flattered that you put a link to my blog on your page. I feel like a big deal. :)

    Also again, did I tell you that I got an internship at Church Magazines? I told the interviewers that I knew you. They must have liked you.


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