Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thorns (and roses...or tulips)

Sometimes, when I'm grasping for straws (I mean REALLY grasping for straws), I will go for the old write-about-all-the-stuff-that-bugs-me tactic. Since I've resolved to write at least weekly, that's all you're going to get for now. It is hard to come up with something interesting that often! So here it is, a few things that, for no apparent reason, drive me bananas. But don't worry. I will finish off with a few things that currently make me very happy!

Pajama pants that shrink. I'm not extremely tall, but I do have long legs, and for some reason, I have the most difficult time finding pajama pants that don't hit right about my ankle! It's become sort of a game with me. I've bought flannel, cotton and fleece pants -- you know, the normal pajama material -- and stuck them in the wash on cold and immediately pulled them out to dry. I've tried stretching the pants out over racks so that they don't seize up and coil back into their little cottony selves.

But no matter what, I cannot get over the sad truth that I was never able to wear cute baggy pj's to junior high or high school during spirit week because all of mine, lovely as they were to begin with, had shrunk to become high waters and thus exposed my ankles (one of the least sightly parts of the body, in my opinion). Ah, woe is me. It's a good thing I grew out of the whole "let's-all-have-a-sleepover-phase." My pajama pants just won't cut it.

People who don't respect time. Almost every week in my singles ward, there are three speakers assigned, plus a musical number or rest hymn. And almost every week, two people talk and talk and TALK and the third speaker either has to cut their talk way down or not speak at all. Oh, and the music quickly gets downsized to one verse or, if it's a rest hymn, eliminated entirely. I understand. You want to make sure that all of the scriptures and quotes you found are mentioned. But please. Let someone else have a turn and don't go fifteen minutes over every Sunday. I'm just saying.

You know what? I already feel better! Sometimes you just have to get these things out. Now I'll list a few things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Unexpected flowers. My boyfriend brought me flowers yesterday because I had seemed down a few hours earlier. They made my entire day! He bought beautiful red tulips despite my stupid "two lips" flower jokes, and they're sitting on the table now, brightening up the entire room. I love how flowers instantly make things beautiful and comforting -- although it's even better to have someone that senses when you're fallen, or even just crestfallen, and stoops to pick you back up.

Short walks with friends. Every day at work, I take a walk with my coworker to get away from our crazy office just for a few minutes. Sometimes we walk to a seafood restaurant nearby; sometimes we cheat death and cross the busy street to get Greek food or, a trend I'm afraid is going to continue indefinitely, get lobster bisque from the cafe. We walk quickly because we're cold, (and because we only have 15 minutes to get food or a break) but it's a welcome respite from writing about ponchos, swimwear and, heaven forbid, Birkenstocks, all day long.

I'm sure glad I finished off with two GREAT things! It's always better to have a cherry on top, isn't it? Life sure is good.


  1. Aw. I like your boyfriend already, bringing you flowers :)

  2. Lol! Loved the post! Two of the things that bug me too! Although, I do wish I had a cute boyfriend to bring me flowers! Have a great week! -Jenny

  3. Oh yes, the ever-shrinking pajama pants. I hate those! You need ankle warmers to go along with them.


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