Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lindsay's infinite playlist

Do you ever want a song that will completely fit your mood — angry at somebody, hurt, independent, wanting someone to take care of you? Sometimes, (and this usually happens while I'm driving) I just want a song that seems like it was written just for me.

That's why it's your lucky day, because I put together a list of songs you can listen to for any particular mood. I promise they're great, and you'll seriously feel like someone read your mind when they were writing it.  Here it is, organized by mood.

Happy, happy!
"Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson — This song makes me want to lie in my bed listening to the rain and eating a real breakfast that somebody else cooked for me. These things would all make me very happy, but since I don't have my man yet, it makes me happy just to listen to this and hope for it someday.

Feelin' lonely
"You've Got A Friend" by James Taylor — I saw this man in concert last year, and holy smokes, it was amazing! I always listen to this song when I'm feeling down because he has this incredibly warm, genuine voice, and because it reminds me that I do have some pretty amazing friends that would give me the shirts off their backs if I needed it.

"Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap — I'm not even sure how to describe this song, only that it's techno/a capella/folksy at the same time. The lyrics are stunning, and the harmonies are really dissonant and intriguing. I listen to this when I want to think about something. It always does the trick.

Trying to get over a broken relationship
"Goodbye to You" by Michelle Branch — Not only was she a great alternative singer, but now she's gone country. My all-time favorite line from this song? "It hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time." Her lyrics are great, and the guitar is really chill.

Peace, love and rock n' roll
"Imagine" by Eva Cassidy — Yes, I know that John Lennon wrote it and (some say) sang it best, but give peace (and Eva) a chance. She has a clear, resonant tone and puts so much soul into her music. You honestly feel like she means every word she's singing. She's wonderful.

Mad at a boy who's 'just not that into you'
"I Can Love You Better" by the Dixie Chicks — Hold the phone. I know this is country, but the Dixie Chicks are classic, and it's not the twangy, drippy country about losing your dog in a fire. They have great harmony and fun beats.

Want to make the car stereo buzz
"Say It Ain't So" by Weezer — I really have no idea what this song is about or why I like it so much. I just know that I love the melody and the sweet guitar solos. This is one of those songs that you HAVE to do the head bob to in your car, no matter who is around. 

In 'like' or love
"Love Me Tender" by Norah Jones — The only crappy thing about this song is that the only way to get it is to download "The Princess Diaries 2" soundtrack, which is why I don't own it. I mean, I guess if you want it that badly, you have to make sacrifices. But actually, anything Norah is bound to be amazing. She slows down the Elvis standard and plays it on the guitar all folksy. It's lovely.

Satisfied with life
"Arms of a Woman" by Amos Lee — This is a love song, for sure, but Amos Lee's soft, bluesy voice always makes me really grateful for everything I have and for the love that I feel for my family.

There you have it — my list of songs to fit your moods. Next time you're feeling pensive, happy, angry, twitterpated or lonely, you have NO excuse not to check these artists out. They're seriously awesome. Now I just have to figure out what my mood is...


  1. Okay, it's scary to share music... but I have to share my all time happy song, dance song, which is "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire. Doesn't matter where or when it, always makes me feel happy and want to dance. Had the album back in the day... loved it long before Night at the Museum.

  2. Why is it scary to share music? I just ignore what other people say about it — and Earth, Wind and Fire are great. '70s music ROCKS.

  3. I think Norah Jones has a song for every mood. Also, Duran Duran can make a person feel like dancing around the kitchen in front of the teenagers.


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