Sunday, April 5, 2009

Waitin' on a woman

I've been in a country mood lately for a few reasons, but I think the main one is that country music reminds me of the grandfather I just lost. He seemed to embody the sweet, humble country man that I always admire whenever I meet one, or lately, when I attend their funerals. It's sad, but I think they're a dying breed.

One of my favorite songs, probably because of the turn my life has taken lately, is called "Waitin' On a Woman." If you haven't heard it, this blog will make absolutely no sense, so you can watch the music video here.

When I heard this song, it made me realize something — I need somebody who's waiting on this woman. My roommate pointed out that I need to date someone who likes me more than I like them, and so far, that hasn't happened yet. I find myself editing papers for potential boyfriends, buying them dinner, burning CDs — essentially pouring my heart into a glass jar that's going to shatter when that boy decides he's had enough of me.

This may seem like a dramatic metaphor, but oftentimes I'm left picking up shards of glass and wondering where I went wrong. I never tried to push him. I didn't demand he take me places or buy me things all the time. I let him be his own person.

And you know what? My roommate was right. I'm tired of waiting for "my man to come along," and I'm tired of empty jars and empty Friday nights waiting for the guy who abandoned me to call again. And I'm tired of doing everything I can for someone who doesn't return the favor.

I know my man is out there somewhere, but he's going to have to show me he's willing to wait — and to occasionally wait on me hand and foot. He's gonna be someone pretty amazing, because I think every girl that's waited on an indecisive guy is worth waiting for, and worthy of someone who will cherish them forever.

So, boys, find a bench and sit down on it, because you're gonna be there awhile. I've got a lot of things to do and places to see before I'm gonna be perched there again.


  1. Good girl!!! I wish I was as smart at your age. ;)

  2. Good for you! You totally deserve to have a man who is waiting for you.


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