Thursday, January 8, 2009

Being a hater

I'm sure that title makes this sound like I am a hater (from the phrase "Don't be a hater," which, ironically, I happen to hate), but that is not what this post is about at all. This is simply a list of entirely unconnected items that I, dare I use the word for another time, hate. However, I will follow it up with a subsequent blog about things that I love, lest you think that I am entirely pessimistic and dislike everything, for this is not true. My list, should you care to read it, is as follows:

1. Mediocrity: I am not talking about failing an assignment or not parking between the lines at the dentist's office. I am talking about people who have the capacity to do something well, or at least well enough, who consistently do the bare minimum or lower. It drives me bananas that there are people paid to turn in crappy work when I know that they are capable of creating something readable and creative if they put their mind to it. But, as the poster says about mediocrity, "it takes a lot less time, and most people won't notice the difference until it's too late." Unfortunately, people do notice the Leaning Tower of Piza in the background of the poster, and I do notice when people the crappy job when you send it to me and expect me to fawn over it. I'm just saying.

2. Dirty keyboards: There is something about a keyboard with greasy or smudged keys, crumbs in between them, or hair and little feathers lodged in little crevices that gives me the creeps. All it takes is a little dusting and a little less eating Cheetos while working on that English paper. That's all.

3. Teeny little textbooks that cost me 64 bucks: There is no way that a book thinner than my car's owner's manual could cost that much to print. Yes, you are saying, but it is written and edited by professionals at universities or in the workforce. Which explains why I have already discovered two glaring typos in the book. Now I'm sure it's worth the money I could have bought an iPod shuffle with. Why was I so angry about this?

4. Dirty dishes in the sink when there is an empty dishwasher nearby just waiting to be filled: Enough said.

5. Sticky lip gloss: There is nothing worse (OK, so being hit by a car might be worse) than putting on lip gloss to make your lips look all shiny and nice and then having your hair stick to it, having the crumbs from your sandwich get lodged in the sparkles and having to wipe it off right after you apply it because you keep getting your lips stuck in a pursed position.

6. Headbands that squeeze your brains out: I know that people say beauty is pain, but wearing a headband in order to make your hair lie down or look cute should not cause your head to ache for hours and feel like your ears will fall off.

That is all for now. I feel a little better already.


  1. Hi Lindsay! Don't think I'm creepy because I'm blog-stalking you, but I found your blog one day from another Scrollie's blog and I had to say Hi. I also LOVE this post because I completely agree with all the things you said.
    -Katie Phelps (or McCracken, I can't remember if I was married or not when we worked together)

  2. I'm right there with ya, I could add to your list. I applaud you for the ability to stop when you did.


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