Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama yo mama

I nearly voted for Obama this election. That's right. I, Lindsay, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, almost voted for a democrat. Oh horror of horrors.

Today, my managing editor was in tears in the office because people at her apartment had ostracized her for voting for Obama and basically suggested that she and her family were horrible people for voting for a democrat. They had even gone so far as to hope for his assassination and to casually talk about it as though they were talking about what they were having for breakfast.

I never expected that we would elect a socialist Black man to the White House. I never expected that the economy would go so out of control and that I would rather support someone who was advocating change than the Republicans I have traditionally supported.

But making someone feel badly for voting a particular way is wrong. If the Church had something big against Obama or any other candidate, the prophet would come out and say it, just as he warned Church members to vote in favor of Prop 8 this past election.

Did you vote Republican? Good for you? Democrat? Good for you. The point is, we live in the greatest country in the world, where we have the freedom to choose the right person for office. America stood up yesterday and made her voice known, and regardless of who is in office, we can pray to know how to help the leaders of our country.

If you are spreading your viscious attitude about politics and the Church to others, shame on you. We all have the opportunity to make our own decisions, and you are a political bigot if you think that only Republicans, or, conversely, Democrats, are correct at all times.

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  1. Lindsay,

    I totally agree. People need to calm down. Everyone needs to calm down.

    Take a moment and — breathe.


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